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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> neil: amazing! >> we didn't closure on the 2000 race. remember that? the bore-bush recount thing until december 12. december 12. hopefully won't go that wait until tomorrow night. it's possible. it could. for you, i would. really! >> greg: hello, i'm the edible urchin, greg gutfeld. she is so hot her blood type is tababsco. kimberly guilfoyle. solster. eric bolling. eric bolling. lady mug magnet, she is dana perino. last time i checked, she is "the five"! tomorrow's vote is about america, not obama. for so long he seemed to matter more than us. not his fault. indulged by the media and celebrities. the obamaganda shielded his
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failure and punished those not following the gospel. if saddled with a bad movie they attack the critics. but we saw this move. see it was four years long but felt like eight. can we tell obama it counts as two terms? now it's revenge, emotional i tit-for-tat. >> i would like to say for anyone thinking about voting for mitt romney, if that is who you are, thinking of voting for romney, make one plea. black people know who you are and they will come after you. >> greg: hilarious. joking that blacks are a violent threat, hit with mar's applauding. this obama got $1 million from him, it's okay. who runs hbo these days? reverend right's arm mars sagging butt? this is a puppet reference. what is beyond the election? whoever wins, we're always going to be the incumbent. it's up to us to protect our
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future for bad ideas. we end like frogs in a slow-cooking plot. for mitt, nothing cool about him. hero worship is impossible! to close miss turner we don't need another hero. we just want someone to get the job done. is mitt the guy? why not? at least we're not blinded by cool. this is your turn, it's time for you. time for adults again. facing up to adult world. we can't wait four years for obama to grow up. make clear it was a puppet reference. all of us will go around and do our own thing, tomorrow. >> i am expecting great things. i like what i saw.
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passion and momentum. which is key where the numbers are across the board. you see consistency for once in the polling that shows this is a tight race. if i had to favor one, romney because of the enthusiastic supporters. the crowd. did you see it all weekend? should have sold tickets. >> bob, your turn. >> two points. if i used that analogy i would have been beat up by everybody at this table. number one. >> it's a puppet. >> it's a long reach. >> literally. [ laughter ] >> by the way, enthusiasm last weekend, everybody has enthusiastic rallies. that is good. hope it stays that way. the reason obama should be re-elected is this.
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things got better. he did remarkable job with hurricane sandy. if he wins it's a combination of bill clinton and sandy and early voting. it's important. continuity is important. romney may be a nice guy. some record managing a company. which does things i wouldn't do. but the fact is -- >> dana: capitalism? >> bob: i thought i was told nobody would interrupt. >> dana: sorry. >> bob: i was told nobody would interrupt. >> kimberly: call your lawyer. >> greg: give him his time. he is right. >> bob: the show started and it went like this. nobody interrupt when talking. i made a comment and i have two interruptions. okay. the last thing i'll say everybody particularly friends around this table should go back to school to understand what socialism means. oh, i see. excuse me. >> eric: i can't make nois
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noises? >> bob: i won't say anything else. >> greg: i want you to finish. you have tone dure my mow know logs. >> bob: endure you monologues? >> greg: you listen to me. >> bob: i have to listen to everybody. i think obama is a good president to get better and better and romney is somebody we know nothing about. dangerous. >> i'll respond to bob's comment. crack about the socialism. >> eric: i understand socialism. >> bob: you don't. >> eric: redistribution -- >> bob: you don't. >> eric: i'll coin another term. communist. 7.9 unemployment. 49 million people out of work. 1.5% growth rate. my brain says romney. look at the electoral map.
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the road. the who's who. this is how he has to win, romney has to win ohio. or minnesota or wisconsin. one or the other. plus iowa or new hampshire. only other way he does it without ohio. >> greg: that is so funny. >> eric: look at this. pennsylvania and florida will be called early. polls will be closing early. if pennsylvania goes long and late be careful, that means romney is eng doing better than obama is doing and maybe it goes to romney. if florida goes late, everyone thinks romney should go early, called early. if florida goes late it goes the other way.
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>> kimberly: i can see the dana perino eyeballs. >> greg: a little gremlin from the woods. >> kimberly: what are you? >> greg: sprite. spry sprite. dandoor you have anything interesting to say that doesn't include the word "jasper"? >> dana: i do. eric knows numbers but i'm talk about gut and heart. peggy noonan noticed this. the republicans across the country gone from anti-obama to pro-mitt. you don't get the crowd, enthusiasm, the goosebump commercials. i am not deep in the weeding on numbers but i think it's important. one other thing. thing that is impressive about america this time around in
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the presidential cycle that is negative. we all thought during the primary that mormonism, and romney's religion would be a really big deal. the obama team hung back from that. that was at the president's direction to his credit. we had a debate about who would be the best man to lead a.m. it wasn't about their religion. >> all right. >> bob: can we talk? >> greg: yeah. go for it. >> bob: i want to point outer rick's numbers if you will, he is not going to win iowa or new hampshire. they're in the bag. it gets back to ohio. one other point here, there are three states that automatically trigger recount. colorado, pennsylvania, florida. excuse me. ohio. 1% or less triggers them.
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ohio 1.5% or less automatically triggers. if you get less than 1%, less than 10,000 votes you can request a recount. >> just skip the first vote and go to recount. >> bob: it won't probably wanter in matter but it will in loiz. if you want to call it in north carolina, you can. >> eric: recounts, fine but there are lawsuits. rumors on the street and the whisper is democrats are going to sue, rumors they sue in ohio. no matter what. >> bob: for good reason. the foolish government closed down the poling places. >> greg: there better not be hanging chads.
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if obama wins how will he react? >> --e seek -- >> kimberly: with surprise and astonishment he was able to pull it off again. we saw clinton do to pull people together. he would do well to thereon electorate. he has to bring people together. unless he wants to be the most unpopular president of all time. if he gets elected it's not by a large manorty. it's difficult to gob when half country wantous out. >> eric: two things to note, unny vision -- no, with the "des moines register" obama said he would tackle mim gration reform. in the second term, he said
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card check will be president obama. >> kimberly: big promises. >> eric: who are you going to vote for? guy who created jobs or promises to have immigration reform and maybe car check? >> bob: i have one more thing to say. >> dana: i'm good. >> greg: mailing it in. >> bob: one of the all-time lows occurred yesterday when paul ryan got on conference call with the christian coalition and said obama was leading us down a path away from judeo christian religion, one of the most obscene comments i have heard. if they resort to that, face it. that is inexcusable. >> greg: did he accuse a candidate of killing somebody? >> bob: i don'tthe obama did that. >> kimberly: there goes bob's frontal lobe again.
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>> dana: suggesting revenge half of the country when obama said it friday. >> eric: joe biden said romney would put you back in chains. >> greg: i don't approve on either side. >> dana: we'll talk about the gallup poll in another segment. >> greg: now? >> dana: you don't have enough time. >> greg: why did you bring it up? >> dana: it's called a tease. >> greg: directly ahead, campaign carl cameron. we have a new strategy to win ohio. on election day, you'll hear what it is, upcoming! ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorrow, we begin a better tomorrow. this nation will begin to
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change for the better tomorrow. ♪ ♪
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you know that i know what real change looks like because you see me fight for it. i have the scars to prove it.
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the gray hair to prove it. you have had my back in that fight. after all we've been through together, we can't give up on it now. we have more work to do. >> dana: that was president obama, at a rally in columbus, ohio, that could be one of the final campaign stops he makes. if he were to lose tomorrow night, that would be the end for him, he says he would not run in 2016. though there is some question about that. campaign carl is going to be with us later, but now we're lucky. election ed henry been with president obama throughout the campaign and join us from des moines iowa. the president's last stop on the campaign trail. ed? >> that is right. he's interesting because there is symmetry here. the president as you know, it started in the obama movement for you will in 2007, 2008, when he was kind of senator that not a lot of people knew.
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the movement start here. the first caucus or primary he won. wanted to make the last rally here. the president with the first lady and bruce springsteen and the former staffer along for the ride. robert gibbs, one of your colleague in fraternity of former press secretaries. aboard air force one. this is his last campaign. confident inside the obama camp he will win and have four more years. but if he loses a lot is at stake. the president healthcare reform will go down, romney said he would l repeal that. riding aboard air force one today is bruce springstein. he was at a rally with the president in madison, wisconsin, columbus, ohio. jay-z joins the van if you will. the president bringing out celebrities to draw some crowds. questions about how much enthusiasm he has out here on the ground. at the paddyson event in whiz, the president had 18,000
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people. a big crowd, in 2004 when kerry had springstein. bigger crowd then. there are questions about how much support he has on the ground. they inside inside the obama catch he has enthusiasm on the ground. they believe the president will win popular and electorate vote but they suggest he may sweep all nine of the major battlegrounds from ohio to iowa, colorado, nevada. a bold prediction. he may reach 300 electoral votes. that's bold prediction for final hours. they believe he will win it. >> election ed, thank you for being here on "the five." greg, to you first. the crowd situation. i was watching romney today.
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people waiting in line. last night, people were complaining they got frostbit frostbite. mitt romney gathering crowds with himself. when you are president obama you bring out jay-z and springstein. >> greg: saying i'm a lousy president but i'm cooler than the other guy. look at the brainless celebrities i'm talking to. the other guy talks policy. point out a maxim. never trust a man over 50 who still has an earring. people that he surrounds himself, they dress like aging pirates. you are an adult. thigh think they are outlaws. >> dana: it's like watching a male enhancement pill ad. if i looked at anyone else, i might get embarrassed.
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jay-z, the lyrics, talk about the war on recommend. i'm not going to be specificbe, i am letting people rhyme. britches and clothes. >> kimberly: when you see this -- this -- >> dana: would you go to rally because springstein is there? >> kimberly: aging priorities for obama, no. i'd watch johnny depp in a movie again. this looks desperate. if he wants to be president of mtv or vh 1 have at it. we need someone with business experience. ideas. not four more years of this. that is failing forward fast. not change. >> dana: what about the prediction obama could win nine states? you expect a campaign to say this. >> i don't know how they can say that about north carolina but he will win most.
5:22 pm
obama is ahead in all but one, or tied in florida. that is a step forward from a week ago. what is wrong with male enhancement pills? >> dana: i am just saying if you want your presidency to look like a male enhancement ad, you'd bring in mellencamp, and springstein. jay-z doesn't fid in the category. >> greg: billy joel. >> dana: right. eric, you a chart here you're making. >> eric: i chartered ryan and romney and where they are stopping today and tomorrow. romney will go to ohio. obama-biden and virginia both camps hit virginia twice each. in ohio, romney-ryan hits three times. iowa, nevada, florida, new hampshire on romney side.
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here is the point. you been to mcconnell sert. the maller band opens up and then wait for the headline act. do you find it strange that springstein opened for jay-toss make jay-z the bigger act? >> greg: he is the bigger act. average age of springstein fan is 87. >> bob: 18,000, that is a huge crowd. >> dana: buck county with 30,000. challengers get bigger crowd on the weekend. give romney credit, they have big turn-outs, but there is hatred of obama. >> kimberly: i don't think it's hatred. they're motivated and inspired about someone with ideas.
5:24 pm
>> eric: we like capitalism. >> kimberly: we have to get out of here. >> dana: campaign carl is on the road with romney. he has update on the strategy to win in the states ohio and pennsylvania tomorrow. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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if anybody is worried that the last four years are the best we can do, or anyone fearing that the american dream is fading away or anyone wonders whether the better jobs or paycheck are in the past, i have a message. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back.
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[ applause ] the only thing that stands between us and the best years we have imagined is lack of leadership. that's why we have elections. >> kimberly: that was romney at a final campaign stop in orlando, florida, today. the governor stopped in virginia and now on his way to ohio. >> romney started out in florida and events in virginia. another one tonight in ohio. wraps it up in manchester with an event doesn't start until 7:00 with kid rock highlighting the rally. and romney announced this will not end his candidacy on the eve of election day.
5:30 pm
he is going to ohio and pennsylvania tomorrow, to stave off what has been a surge from president obama who moved slight lead in the margin of error in ohio. romney seen the polls narrow. mar than republicans expect to happen. he will be campaigning in both states. it's not close to unprecedented. both candidates did if it 2008 and 2004. so for romney it fits in with what he wants to do. he will continue working hard on behalf of those struggling to find work. >> kimberly: thank you, carl. bob, sorry, you're trying to dominate. you see how he behaves? obstructionist. flag on the play.
5:31 pm
sit in the penalty box. he likes to destroy my world. >> eric: i love you, you are awesome. doing the math here, bob and i. doing the math. romney needs ohio or he can get wisconsin, michigan, minnesota, iowa, new hampshire. >> kimberly: bob has numbers written down here. this averages different polls. mo of the polls use 2008 as their base bay six how they -- basis how they poll thing. in 2008, unheard of democrat skew. >> bob: they used 2008 turn-out. remember there are 10 million new voters since 2008. >> they will fall the same way. >> bob: it will be -- some of them are dead. >> kimberly: that is why you think it's funny. you're confident and not surly
5:32 pm
today. going to be what will happen. >> greg: are you driving again? [ laughter ] >> bob: get your own personal viagra, greg. >> greg: we are more polls than parogi eating contest. >> bob: what's that? >> greg: cnn has 49-49 tie among likely voters but if you look at it closely, there is 41% democrats, difference of 11 points so that is polling kids if they prefer ice cream or bank spankings. still you get a tie. you can't buy the polls. that a tie among democrats. >> kimberly: i can't believe you invalidated the polls. >> greg: i have invalidated a lot of polls in my life. >> bob: that is the self-identified number they give out. >> dana: one of the most
5:33 pm
soarous political observers is michael barroan who went on a limb and said i'm going out on a limb, romney by a landslide. fred barnes who i rate faithfully, he talks about the aside in the weeds one. you understand and i don't. the enthusiasm piece. not just the crowd side. the ground game that president obama talked about, not as good as they say. ung decided by a long shot deciding to go for romney. they go in tied but romney pulls it out. >> kimberly: huge numbers with independents. >> bob: they registered 175 million people. >> dana: i think people drown in numbers. >> bob: but in the end it's what matters how the numbers add up. >> kimberly: what about the undecided that dana mentioned
5:34 pm
and the independents? >> bob: there are no undecided. >> bob: they are broken m >> kimberly: so that is a wash. >> bob: turn-out operation. independents are done, finished. aline with one party or another. >> kimberly: they align with romney. >> eric: the headline -- >> bob: i don't believe the polls weighted democratic. >> eric: november 30, 1980 the headline, too close tomorrow. what happened the next day? land slide, reagan victory. >> bob: if you believe in the landslide idea, i admire barroan -- >> kimberly: that's interesting. romney 315, obama 223. this is going to be so fun tomorrow to see what happens. coming up, "60 minutes" has been holding videotape
5:35 pm
involving president obama and the benghazi terror attacks. what is on the tape? why did they keep it from the american people until two days before the election? those answers when we come back. stay with us. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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i'm bret baier. in new york, the big story here today, the final day before what could be the closest presidential election in years. tonight on "special report" complete coverage of the last-minute campaigning. president obama bringing star power to the stage. rocker bruce springstein traveling with the president and jay-z joined him in klus bus this afternoon. romney was in out without musical accompaniment. marshall tucker is with him shortly and kid rock joins the governor in new hampshire tonight. karl rove and joe trippi will provide music to our ears.
5:40 pm
their final predictions how the electoral college will turn out. final maps with no tossup allowed. live report from wisconsin, virginia, florida, colorado. brit hume and chris wallace joins me in expanded panel and charles krauthammer shares live election eve thoughts. "special report" from new york starts at 6:00. now back to "the five." down the hall. ♪ ♪ >> eric: election eve. there is still questions surrounding the attack that killed four guys in benghazi, lib yeah. refresher of the president's decisions, actuallys and comments in the wake of the attacks. hours after they were delivered, he mentions rose garden and mentions terrorism in conviction with the 9/11 world trade center attack.
5:41 pm
later he had minute with "60 minutes." portions were edited. remember that. later, he callously boards air force one and heads to vegas for a fundraiser. fast forward to the second presidential debate. obama stops romney in the tracks, claiming he blamed terrorism all along. referring to the september 1112 address from the rose garden. candy crowley wagging her tail agrees with him. there is damning evidence he put out last night. here it is. >> this morning you went out off your way to avoid the word terrorism in connection with the libya attack. do you believe it's terrorist attack? too early to know how it came about. it was an attack on americans. we will work with the libya
5:42 pm
government to bring them to justice. one way or the other. >> eric: kimberly, september 19, trying to figure out how many guys are dead in libya. president obama goes to vegas and why doesn't 60 minutes air this piece where obama says i'm not sure if it's terrorism or not? jimenez sake information to hide, to what benefit? why not air it? it's the most significant aspect of the interview. he tries to take credit in the second presidential debate saying he called it terrorism from the beginning. this contra dixs that by the president. >> bob: it does not. inc. it does. >> bob: he specifically said it wasn't terrorism. replay the tape? tell me where it says that. groups. groups. you said he wasn't aer the -- >> eric: don't you think "60 minutes" could have let us decide. >> dana: i don't know, look
5:43 pm
through again. i don't understand why they just posted it. why? if you are interested in following the issue, go to and chec --fox bret followed this from the beginning on "special report." he'll have more in 18 minutes, but he said this directly contradicts not just what the president said but at the debate. right. i don't know why "60 minutes" didn't put it forward. maybe we'll never know. >> greg: i love "60 minutes." a documentary a week reminding you what is wrong with the media. great way to start off the week. this is what you watch out for. this is nothing new in his pedigree. he doesn't like the language. he prefers the man made disaster. fort hood is still considered
5:44 pm
workplace violent, calling hurricane sandy a pool party. >> eric: throw this in. senator graham, republican from south carolina is calling "60 minutes" asking why, why did they not air it earlier? >> bob: tell me how the maybestream media didn't focus on ryan's outrageous statement? >> greg: it didn't kill four people. >> dana: obama care, requiring the catholic organizations to go against the other religious organizations to go against their principles and do something they believe is not right with federal taxpayers dollars. >> eric: stay on. this what does it have to do -- >> greg: because he thinks it's the same as four people killed. >> eric: trying to figure out if president obama wants to be our president for four years is man enough to say i
5:45 pm
knew about it but i chose not to deal with it and go to vegas instead. >> bob: you think he knew four people could hav were kille could have done something about it he would have gone to vegas? i said it was a bad idea when it happened. >> kimberly: lack of conscience. >> bob: if i said that about romney you would have gone nuts. >> eric: we got to go. >> eric: how to spend the next 24 hours without going bananas? we have pointers. stay right there. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ or that printing in color had to cost a fortune.
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♪ >> bob: up next ob"the five" in this seat i have become the resident expert thousand get through tough political times without losing your mind. give you advice how to get through the 24 to 48 hours. nothing you can do about it. stop looking at numbers except
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tonight at midnight, the place from new hampshire a then watch movie with friends. these are friends. just friends. my favorite movies here. it suggest these to you. "silence of the lamb" and "texas state massacre movie." >> kimberly: now you know why he isdy meanted. >> eric: what i'm going to do a shameless plug. i'm on my twitter all day tomorrow. sign on and go back and forth. if you see voter fraud, shoot me a tweet. i'll post it to make sure people keep it right. keeping the election clean -- >> kimberly: did you get t-shirtsf us to write it in? >> dana: clean your closet. clean your refrigerator. extra flossing and teeth
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whitening. this is oh you get through it. have it on in background so you don't get crazed. >> greg: the best thing you can do is preorder my book. "joy of hate" and writes thousands of positive reviews about the book. i am like an emotional version of the salvation army. your warm blanket and doughnut for hard times. >> kimberly: is that the shameless plug block? i have nothing to plug. >> bob: plenty to plug. >> kimberly: take me to a happy place. i can't take it. i'm going to forget about the torture of bob beckel and improper thing he says. have nice italian food. great glass of wine. maybe a bubble bath or two. no, you aren't invited. wait for change.
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not chump change, real change. >> bob: public service announcement, everybody give $250,000 if you go to precinct one of three will be audited by the i.r.s. give it some thought. one more thing! ♪ ♪ at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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>> greg: time for one more
5:56 pm
thing. mine is one statement for the sake of the country, have a clean fair election. who wins in the country will move forward. either way we're still the greatest place in the world. not for long of course if obama wins. greatest place on the planet. >> dana: thank youf closing argument. people might remember my aunt patty sue from rollins, wyoming, she runs a bowling alley. her husband ran for city council. this is his sign. she served for eight years on city council, four years as mayor and written in again. see the sign? she didn't buy new signs. she got duct tape and pulled out the craft room cricket to make the letters and spent a grand total, $35.25. on her campaign. likely to win tomorrow.
5:57 pm
running against a friend she went to high school with. 9760 people in rollins and she should be mended for survey. >> bob: glad you're not doing christmas for me. you make letters and put it in the scrapbook. >> kimberly: cleaning back up everything that should have never been put out to begin with. there are families that are suffering in staten island an they spent time in new york to give back and help others. tremendous, outstanding. >> greg: i don't know.
5:58 pm
>> eric: i'm up. so bob, a big election tomorrow. voy a wageer. the donkey, elephant. republican and democrat thing going on. whoever wins the opposite party you have to wear the opposite -- if the republicans win you will wear the elfeint. if romney wins you wear the element. if obama wins i'll wear the donkey. >> kimberly: where is the back of the contest. >> greg: where did you get those? >> eric: i held on to these for a year. it bought them a year ago. >> kimberly: are those puppets? >> greg: eric? >> bob: bob. bob, bob.
5:59 pm
now that michael barrone is excellent and had flight of fancy, these are my predictions what will happen tomorrow. i think i beat both of them. electoral college, obama. popular vote is obama 489.5 and -- 49.5 and obama 48.5. >> dana: couldn't it be flipped from prediction? >> bob: it could be but that's why you do the polls. the second number i'm not sure of, that romney could win popular vote. i'm convinced obama wins electoral college. >> kimberly: help from unio unions. >> bob: what's wrong with that? >> kimberly: just saying. >> dana: we run of the o


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